Inbox: Talent show & tell

Employers and jobseekers can now check out the cost of talent across Asia Pacific thanks to new regional compendium by global workforce solutions company Kelly Services.
The guide outlines comparative salaries for professional and technical talent in region where demand for their expertise saw employee turnover rates rise an estimated 14 percent last year.
Dhirendra Shantilal, Kelly Services Asia Pacific’s senior vice president, says that while demand may soften slightly this year, keen competition for knowledge workers across all countries in APAC is still evident.
“Even as unemployment rates continue on an overall downward trend, talent scarcity in specialist areas like engineering, accountancy, technology and financial services is further heightened.”
He adds that hiring in these areas is expected to grow this year despite rising inflation and capacity shortages.
“Experienced skilled professionals can expect to see some salary increases, particularly in the more developing economies. Employers will have to consider hiking up salaries to keep pace with inflation, to attract the right talent and to retain their critical workforce.” M

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