A reminder that organisations had best stick to the letter of anti-spam laws comes in the form of recent notice from the Department of Internal Affairs’ Anti-Spam Compliance Unit. The unit says it is taking legal action against an alleged spammer under the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.
The unit’s application to the Auckland High Court alleges that the person used number of lists of email addresses to promote business and marketing seminars to be held in New Zealand.
The act states that it is illegal to send unsolicited, commercial emails. The maximum fine for an individual for breaches of the act is $200,000.
In its statement of claim the department alleges the emails were sent to email addresses that ended in .nz, and were sent from an email address with the suffix which was registered to the alleged spammer or his agent.
It also alleges the computers, servers or devices used to access the emails were located in New Zealand as were the people who received the emails. The recipients had not consented to receiving the emails from the lists used.
Information about the department’s compliance activities can be found on the Enforcement Action section of its website M

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