INTOUCH : Counter offers just a ‘quick fix’

Only five percent of workers worldwide would, when discussing an external job offer with their current boss, accept counter offer on the spot.
A survey by international recruitment consultancy Robert Walters shows that 24 percent would reject the offer immediately, while most – 71 percent – would take time to consider the offer before making their decision.
Counter offers are one of the least successful retention strategies, says Richard Manthel, managing director of Robert Walters New Zealand.
“Once someone has made the decision to seriously look elsewhere for employment, it is likely the working relationship will dissolve within 12 months if they do decide to accept the offer and stay.” Manthel says the reason is twofold; the bond of trust between candidate and their employer or manager may have been damaged, which can also lead to distrust or lower team morale, and unless other retention strategies are in place it is unlikely that financial incentive alone will remedy all the reasons an employee had for leaving in the first place. The survey also highlighted that almost third of employees would immediately reject counter offer without consideration because they were confident their decision to leave the company was the right one.

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