INTOUCH : Job ads up 12%

More good news on employment comes from report released by Seek showing that new job ads placed on its website have risen 12.2 percent in the four months from July to October.
Nearly half that rise (5.8 percent) occurred in October suggesting that employers are back in the market for staff, says general manager for Seek NZ, Annemarie Duff.
“It’s encouraging that after ski-slope drop in job availability, we’ve not only seen stable period but slight trend upwards.”
The rise was most pronounced in Auckland (14.6 percent) and Christchurch (9.7 percent), with Wellington lagging (three percent).
But greater availability of jobs doesn’t yet mean it’s an employees’ market – there are still many more job applications received than there are roles advertised, warns Duff.
“Our report shows that while this has improved by 6.3 percent since June, it has long way to go before it swings back to jobseekers’ market.”

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