Intouch : Major Conference on Global Data Standards

New Zealand’s progress with global standards for supply chain efficiency, data management and traceability will be under the spotlight at major conference in Auckland this month.
GS1 New Zealand will bring together senior business people from this country and internationally for “Connecting the Dots 2009” event on 25-26 February. The agenda will focus on the development and use of GS1’s global standards and solutions in key economic sectors, including grocery and hardware retailing, primary sector processing and healthcare.
New Zealand is one of 108 countries where GS1 standards have been widely adopted in systems for automatic identification and data capture that rely on bar coding or radio frequency identification (RFID). GS1 New Zealand is not-for-profit body with broad membership among retailers, manufacturers, distributors and servicing firms.
In 2009, it will be 30 years since the first globally-standard bar codes were introduced to this country through the then-New Zealand Product Numbering Council, forerunner of GS1 New Zealand. GS1 bar coding has long since become ubiquitous in retailing and in supply chains economy-wide.

Interested attendees can register for “Connecting the Dots” by visiting

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