Determination, weeks of training, 36 hours and whole lot of willpower. That’s what it took for five teams to represent OfficeMax New Zealand at the Oxfam TrailWalker event last month, where they attempted to walk 100 kilometres through difficult terrain and unpredictable weather.
The five teams have so far collaboratively generated over $8000 for taking part in the 36-hour walk around Taupo. They will continue to raise money for the charity with more money expected to roll in over the next two months.
The competing teams were from OfficeMax Auckland, (3 Beauties & that Bald Guy, Team StepUp, Fallen Angels), Wellington (Black Soles) and Christchurch (OfficeMax Monkees).
Paul Green, OfficeMax national operations manager and Oxfam TrailWalker organiser said that the teams demonstrated an overwhelming commitment to the cause.
“These people aren’t Olympic athletes; they’re ordinary people attempting to do something extraordinary for great cause. We believe that the physical and psychological strength it takes to complete challenge like this can only be achieved through teamwork. That’s why the whole company was behind them,” he said.
“We didn’t want to just write cheque, OfficeMax wanted to demonstrate genuine, personal commitment to Oxfam and the work it undertakes.”
The Oxfam TrailWalk challenged teams to walk 100 kilometres in 36 hours to raise money for the charity.

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