Intouch : Powerful Brand Recall

Research by Nielsen Media has revealed that Health TV (a New Zealand Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) channel that screens in GP’s waiting rooms) has hit the mark when it comes to delivering advertising recall scores for individual brands. Health TV scored up to 51 percent – considerably higher than the benchmark of an average of 24 percent across research projects in the Asia/Pacific region.
The research project was one of many undertaken by Nielsen for Health TV, which shows advertising in the Health TV environment has strong impact on purchase intentions. “Over the past two years Nielsen Media has undertaken six projects to measure key attributes of Health TV’s audience,” explains Stuart Jamieson, Neilsen’s executive director. “This research has provided Health TV with some very robust information around awareness and recall levels of the products and services being advertised.”
Health TV is lifestyle television channel available in medical centre waiting rooms throughout New Zealand. The station has recently attracted multimillion-dollar investment from two of the country’s most experienced businessmen – former CEO of Ernst & Young, John Judge, and ex-managing director of Prudential Insurance Australasia, Trevor Perry, who have moved to secure cornerstone stake in Health TV as it prepares for international expansion.

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