INTOUCH : True Happiness

As more and more evidence points to the importance of being happy at work, new video has been released with view to enhancing happiness levels.
Your Guide to True Happiness is 70-minute feature involving some of the country’s top motivational speakers, as well as GPs and psychologist. It is produced by former New Zealand Herald careers editor Steve Hart, who says the idea of the video came to him more than two years ago.
“At the time I was working full time at the newspaper and frequently got calls from people asking for advice about their careers. lot of them seemed plain miserable with their lot. At the same time I was speaking with life coaches and career coaches and thought it would be good to bring some of them together into one positive, inspiring and motivational video,” Hart says.
Among those who feature in the video are leadership coach Clive Littin, psychologist Talia Mana, motivational guru and author Tom Mulholland (The Attitude Doctor), physician and author Robin Kelly and the reverend Rhonda Joy Gola.

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