Job outlook positive in patches

In nutshell, she says:

Developments in mobile communications, social networking, and systems software will continue to drive demand for people with IT skills.

As populations get older and fatter we’ll need more healthcare professionals. That’s not just doctors, radiological technicians, and physical and inhalation therapists, but also more support staff.

The ongoing critical shortage of engineers is set to continue. Civil and industrial engineers will be in especially high demand.

In fact, anyone with industrial skills is very employable. Expect to see more people landing jobs if they’ve got logistics, supply-chain management or plant management skills or experience.

Life sciences and biotech will provide another pocket of prosperity.

There’s significant dearth of professional salespeople.

Believe it or not, the world’s learning institutions still aren’t pumping out enough accountants and finance professionals. Demand is growing for forensic accountants and compliance specialists, in particular.

Unlike their more pricey cousins in the recession-hit retail sector, discount stores have flourished. Gioia says most of these retailers are looking to hire managers and instore personnel.

Finally, private equity firms are out hunting for management talent for their portfolio companies.

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