JUST GOOD BUSINESS BUZZ : Business calls for action

More than 500 leading global companies have joined those calling for decisive action to be taken on climate change at the Copenhagen Summit in December.
The Copenhagen Communique was presented to UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon at the New York summit. Its signatories include companies from more than 50 countries such Britain’s largest retailer Tesco, German insurer Allianz, Royal Dutch Shell, and Virgin all of whom are members of the UK-based Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change. They say private enterprises around the world need governments to show leadership on the climate agenda to help drive investments into carbon-reduced products and technologies.
It warns that failure to secure deal in Copenhagen will worsen the current economic climate and says economic development will not be sustained longer term unless the climate is stabilised. “It is critical that we exit this recession in way that lays the foundation for low-carbon growth and avoids locking us into high-carbon future.”

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