JUST GOOD BUSINESS BUZZ : Hatching ssss…something

Although the “S” word (sustainable) has apparently become lingua non grata in public service circles these days, new book Hatched from Landcare Research provides an extremely useful research summary for anyone interested in the pursuit of “S” development.
Born out of six-year programme, Building Capacity for Sustainable Development: the Enabling Research, the book is divided into five sections: new futures – the need to think and act for long-term success; business as sustainability innovators; individuals as citizen consumers; facing up to “wicked” problems; and looking at the future as set of choices. As the introduction points out, it is mark of leadership to believe we can make choices – especially when those choices are hard and require fundamental review of our assumptions. New Zealand, it says, has “enormous potential to determine its own future but only if it acts decisively and proactively”.

Hatched is edited by Claire Mortimer, Richard Gordon and Bob Frame and is available in e-book form from Landcare (www.landcareresearch.co.nz).

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