JUST GOOD BUSINESS: Global first for carboNZero

New Zealand’s home-grown greenhouse gas certification scheme has become first in the world to receive international accreditation under the auspices of the International Accreditation Forum (IaF).
That elevates carboNZero, developed and managed by Landcare Research, to global elite status that is recognised in all the world’s major markets. It means the programme offers framework for businesses here and overseas to measure and report their carbon footprint that has been verified against global standard. That is good news for local exporter clients because it provides them with an assurance that the programme meets those international standards and is operated to level of world quality repute, says the programme’s technical manager Ann Smith.
The achievement is proof carboNZero is one of the top three greenhouse gas certification schemes in the world and “clearly places line in the sand between us and the pretenders”, says Landcare business manager Mike Tournier.

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