Kay Cohen, General Manager for the Elle McPherson brand

Cohen travels regularly for Bendon. Flight
Centre has her profile, so she always gets her favourite seat in the aisle of Business Class.
She is dedicated user of Corporate Cabs who she believes give much better service for small extra charge. “They are sweet fleet of senior citizens, punctual, reliable and very polite,” she says.
Cohen dislikes eating in restaurants alone, so room service is essential when staying at hotels. big room, big bed, bath and hair drier are important in creating an ambience as attractive as in her own home and stale cigarette smoke is definite no-no. Willing staff and good service, so that if she calls for an iron it comes quickly, are important factors in an enjoyable stay.
She feels that the quality of New Zealand hotels is world class, particularly when providing good computer technology for her laptop. Overseas hotels often do not have the right service providers and she finds it costly to plug into the Internet through her mobile telephone.

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