The Last Word



1. Treat everybody like friend. It’s simple concept and its part of our ‘Kiwiness’.

2. Be yourself. This philosophy is about being authentic and genuine, not delivering platitudes like some competitors where every interaction is scripted.

3. Can do. The attitude is “make stuff happen”.

4. Take pride in what you do.

Rob Fyfe says one of the things he often asks people when they are about to embark on project, or set out to achieve something, is to define what success actually means.

“Often people head off and do things without clear view of how they are going to determine whether it is successful of not. When I took on this job, the key measure of success that stood out above everything else was that our people – about 11,500 Air New Zealanders – would go home from work each day confident and proud to tell other people who they worked for.”

An overwhelmingly high percentage of the managers and directors who responded to NZ Management and Hay Group’s recent survey of New Zealand’s Most Reputable Organisations chose our national airline as both our most reputable company and overall organisation. Strong and effective leadership stood out as the highest-rated characteristic of Air New Zealand’s reputation.

• For Reg Birchfield’s full interview with Rob Fyfe in NZ Management’s September issue click here.

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