Latest on NZIM integration

As NZIM is constituted under very old act, the Incorporated Societies Act 1908, we are required to go through further statutory two-stage process to do this. Accordingly, we will need to hold further general meeting in the next few weeks to authorise the process in terms of the 1908 Act. This will necessarily be followed by further general meeting, not less than 30 days later, to confirm the process in terms of the Act.

Once these two further statutory meetings have been held, full legal integration can then be implemented in time for us to sign off the calendar year with one national annual report and accounts. At the AGM  in March next year, we will propose to you, our members, new modern constitution which will serve the needs of the organisation for the future and remove the boundary constraints we have been working with for so long.

If any of you have any comments or questions, please feel most welcome to call me directly on 04 384 3384. I look forward to keeping you up to date as progress moves forward.




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