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Global HR consultancy Development Dimensions International (DDI) has joined forces in New Zealand with NZ Management magazine to present the 2010/2011 DDI Global Leadership Forecast, which will have its own New Zealand and Australian section.

Christien Winter, director of Sheffield, which is the exclusive licensee for DDI in New Zealand, says the comprehensive survey will point the way to best practice in leadership development and innovation. It builds on significant trend data and findings from five previous biennial DDI Leadership Forecast studies.

The research phase of the Leadership Forecast is now underway through an online questionnaire. Overall, over 8000 leaders and HR professionals have completed the survey internationally. Close to 400 HR professionals and leaders In New Zealand and Australia have so far responded to the survey, with just over half of these being New Zealand respondents.

The extensive global report and Australasian regional report developed from the research will be available free of charge to all New Zealand participants. In addition, customised organisational benchmark report, will be provided where more than 30 leaders participate from an organisation. This report will provide view on how the organisation’s HR and leadership practices stack up against global findings and benchmarks. Participants will also be invited to attend briefing on the findings, where you can share experiences and network with other organisations that take part in the research.

The survey will provide comprehensive information on many aspects of leadership including: 
• How has the economic downturn impacted confidence in leadership?
• How are leaders dealing with leadership transitions?
• What are the best-in-class strategies for selecting, promoting, and developing tomorrow’s leaders?
• What are the trends in your industry and region?
• What is the relationship between leadership practices and bottom-line company performance?
• How does your organisation stack up on measures of management innovation?

All levels of managers working in organisations with more 50 employees are encouraged to participate in the survey and make an impact on leadership thinking and future development.

You have until October 15 to benchmark your organisation’s leadership against other top organisations’ around the world. To participate in the 20-minute survey visit

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