• The new look Management magazine has taken an established monthly magazine and evolved into sophisticated leader in New Zealand business publications. Congratulations on this fantastic development and we look forward to continually advertising with the leaders’ magazine.
Kathryn Lindsay, events and marketing coordinator – New Zealand, Finsia – Financial Services Institute of Australasia

• The new look Management magazine is terrific. I particularly like the feeling that it is actually magazine for managers. I also like what appears to be shorter, hard hitting pertinent articles.
Ruth’s editorial points up the linkages and indeed the leverage and synergy we are starting to unlock across our many different resources. It also highlights the NZIM competitive edge.
On behalf of NZIM, thank you.
David Chapman

• Could I also add my congratulations, guys.
Gary W Sturgess, president, NZIM Auckland

• Just short congratulatory note on your new look magazine. You’ve obviously put lot of thought into it, it looks fantastic. Well done.
Glenn Baker, editor, NZBusiness & DEMM

• Meant to get back to you sooner to say great cover on [last month’s] Management magazine! The Minister doesn’t often make the cover of magazines in such eye-catching, flattering ways. You proved to be very resourceful with the photo that I sent you. And it gave us all here big laugh!
Thanks for that – oh, and the article was very well-written too!
Jane O’Loughlin, press secretary to David Parker, Minister of Energy, Climate Change Issues, and Land Information

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