Majority of managers get a pay rise

Lowe says there were larger number of falls in pay rates for more job positions this year than for the 2009 survey, indicating the full effects of the recession are still filtering through the system. Rates generally decline when person leaves and the new appointment is taken on at lesser rate. The average pay review for current employees was three percent compared to 2.5 percent in 2009, but employers are forecasting slightly lower pay review for the year ahead, says Lowe.

The survey results for senior management threw up wide variations with third of positions receiving no pay increase and another third receiving double digit pay rises. The median pay rise for senior managers was 2.5 percent and the mean six percent. The survey shows the average pay rate for managing director of company with 50 to 200 people was $197,000, up 3.6 percent on the previous year. The patchy nature of the economic recovery is reflected in the wide variation in pay rate changes between sectors.

Average pay rates for selection other managerial and non-managerial positions can be found on

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