Check out this thought provoking – and fun – website is the website of The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce – British multi-disciplinary institution based in London. Its supply of clips (click on Vision Video Webcasts on the top right of the main page) includes Daniel Pink, whose talk about the surprising truth as to what motivates us can also be picked up at There’s also an interesting address from futurist Richard Watson who takes poke at social media and examines how “screen culture” will shape our future. And renowned education expert Sir Ken Robinson talks about why 19th century thinking is causing chaos in 21st century classrooms.

It’s great way to catch up with bunch of interesting thinkers in way that appeals to both left and right sides of your brain.

All contributors of items that are used in the newsletter over the next three months will go into Christmas draw for free next generation Flip MinoHD pocket video camera (see below). Send your contributions/links to [email protected].

Capturing and sharing just got whole lot better. The Flip MinoHD pocket video camera lets users shoot twice as much video, enjoy larger LCD screen and share their stories direct to Facebook.

The pocket video camera Flip Video has already made splash with its combination of sleek design, ease of use, video quality and FlipShare software. It’s popular with wide cross-section of users.

The new Flip MinoHD allows up to 120 minutes of recording time and features the latest version of FlipShare, the onboard software that allows users to plug the Flip’s signature flip-out USB into any computer to easily organise and edit their videos.

FlipShare also lets users share their videos by uploading directly to YouTube, MySpace and Facebook and by sending by email. “Flip Video has changed the video camera market and made shooting and sharing videos easier than ever before,” says Todd Lynton, MD of Cisco Consumer Products’ Australasia.

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