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When emails turn bad
I’m always on guard when my internet browser tells me it’s downloading an extraordinarily large number of emails. My first thought is that there’s another malicious virus or worm on the loose. However, the other day my inbox was jammed as the result of poorly managed electronic mail-out. It had sparked large number of responses, which in turn ‘snowballed’ into my inbox (and everybody else’s on the list).
Nothing malicious there, just the consequence of somebody’s inexperienced actions, and nothing little extra software training can’t fix.
It taught me few things:
a) Don’t overreact when emails turn bad, you might only compound the problem.
b) Be polite when communicating by email, you don’t know where it might end up.
c) Email’s not always the great time-saver it’s made out to be. Don’t abuse it, just treat it with respect.
Glenn Baker | Email: [email protected]

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