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The latest in Fujifilm’s Signature series of ‘vertically designed’ digital cameras, the FinePix F601 Zoom delivers wide variety of multimedia functions without compromising its exceptional high resolution digital photo capabilities.
The camera comes with 3G Super CCD with more improvements in sensitivity and noise reduction. 6.03 million pixel file can be produced from the camera’s 3.1 million effective pixel Super CCD.
The F601’s optical zoom lens is the equivalent to 36 – 108mm, and there is full range of exposure control including manual and automatic, shutter priority, and aperture priority. Intelligent shooting control includes white balance, auto-exposure and auto-focus. There is also VGA resolution motion recording at 15 frames-per-second.
The device can also store up to nine hours voice memo on 128Mb SmartMedia card or 30 seconds image captions. All this for around $2000.

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