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Keylogix has launched its ActiveDocs 2002 Enterprise (Version 3.0) software solution. ActiveDocs is currently used by thousands of companies and institutions worldwide to speed the creation of documents and reduce costs, increase worker productivity and ensure compliance with business processes.
As companion product to Microsoft Office, ActiveDocs automates document creation through an easy-to-use toolset for ‘marking up’ Microsoft Word templates. ActiveDocs 2002 adds new functionality that further enhances its suite of document automation tools. From complex rules and conditions to natural language calculations to accessing and linking documents to external data sources, ActiveDocs 2002 does this with ease.
“Enterprises that are serious about reducing costs and improving productivity are turning to ActiveDocs,” says Dot Johnstone, Keylogix chief technology officer. “Hundreds of thousands of hours are lost each year to the daunting and time-consuming process of creating important documents like proposals, contracts and reports. Our work with government agencies and enterprises has revealed cost savings of up to $1.2 million per year by using ActiveDocs to automate single document. All of our customers are experiencing time and cost savings of between 40 and 80 percent.”
“The latest document automation technology in ActiveDocs will be big benefit to Microsoft Office users by making it easy to build and deploy tailored templates,” says David Jaffe, lead product manager for Microsoft Office. “And because there are no software development skills required to use ActiveDocs, Microsoft Office users can easily add business intelligence and organisational processes to the templates, as well as adding custom smart tags for easy access to their important information. This is significant in enabling businesses to receive an instant increase in productivity and an immediate return on investment.”

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