Smart motivating

If you think that pay rise might stop your best staff leaving, think again, says the latest motivation survey from Sheffield Consulting.
The survey of over 600 people from range of organisations throughout the country found employees aren’t motivated by only one thing – the size of their pay packet.
“Our results suggest that compensation is actually one of the factors that has the least amount of influence on an employee’s overall motivation,” says Sheffield remun-eration analyst Damian McDonald.
The other surprise was that having facilities that add conven-ience to employees’ daily lives, doesn’t necessarily improve their motivation levels.
So, if surging pay rises or the inclusion of swimming pools and gyms in the office won’t increase your workforce’s motivation, what will?
“Our results indicate that it’s issues around the role that an employee is in, the organisation they’re employed by, and the recognition that they receive from management that have the largest influence on how motivated they are,” says McDonald.

The role must be right
“Employees feel more motivated if their role is one that has exposure to exciting challenges, allows them to contribute to important decisions and gives the ability to continue their learning and development.”
Let them know they’re appre-ciated. Results suggested that motivation levels are higher when employees feel they’re getting the recognition (monetary and non-monetary) they feel they deserve.
Nearly all the items in this section scored highly with “being genuinely appreciated by management” receiv-ing the highest rating.
“At the other end of the scale, employees don’t see their status in an organisation as being motivating factor, and this received relatively low rating,” says McDonald.

Make sure they all get along
Within the workplace it appears that co-workers can have the largest impact on people’s motivation.
Having the opportunity to work with competent, talented and friendly people all received high ratings, as did being able to have fun with fellow employees.
“This suggests you might be able to motivate people by ensuring they have the right tools and information required to complete the job,” says McDonald.
To build motivated workforce that doesn’t have leaving on their minds, you might ensure that they:
? are well suited to their individual jobs
? enjoy working for the organisation
? fit well with their team environment
? get recognition for achievements.

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