IN TOUCH : Great bosses

More than three-quarters of employees like the company they work for – and it’s not just pay that makes them satisfied, new survey of New Zealand finance and accounting companies says.
Topping the list of reasons was the availability of training and development opportunities, followed by good pay, then the existence of leaders and mentors at company.
More than half the New Zealand respondents to the Robert Half workplace survey said they were not seeking new job – the highest level in the Asia Pacific region. Of those, 49 percent said the top reason for not seeking new job is that their company has been focused on their career development and has looked after them.
Megan Alexander of Robert Half said they found that Generation Y was particularly interested in career development.
“Salary is important, but the rates you offer don’t have to match the top rate of the market. It’s about managing the expectations of your employees.
“Good bosses communicate clearly with their staff what’s expected of them, via key performance indicators or an incentive system, and give their people clear goals to shoot for.”
The survey was carried out in February and March this year.

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