IN TOUCH : One stop organisational improvement shop

It’s first for Australasia – and one-off opportunity for local business leaders to update themselves on whole range of latest management thinking.
The 11th World Congress runs from December 4-6. It’s all about ‘developing management and organisational capability to improve business performance’. And it has raft of well-known speakers and presenters from around the world.
Two of these, Hubert Rampersad and James Harrington are profiled in this month’s magazine (see “How to get engaged” on page 10 and “Five pillars of wisdom” on page 11). Other international speakers include Singapore’s productivity guru Woon Kin Chung; Matthew Tice, managing director for the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative in Asia Pacific; Noriaki Kano, Japanese professor and international consultant in customer services; and head of the European Centre for TQM, Mohamed Zairi.
Local speakers include Ian Brooks, described as New Zealand’s leading expert on customer care, and Rod Oram – adjunct professor in the NZ Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Unitec.
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