IN TOUCH : Our global future

Blink and you could fall into Whole New Mind – come next February 9 when four leading global thinkers head this way for networking opportunity in Auckland. One is Malcolm Gladwell the New York Times staff writer who is responsible for injecting ‘the tipping point’ into popular public parlance following publication of his book of that name in 2000. Blink is his latest book which is all about ‘rapid cognition’ – the word intuition doesn’t get look in (see
The others are Daniel Pink author of Whole New Mind, which explains why right brainers will rule more creatively driven work world (reviewed in Management August 2005); Goran Carstedt, the former head of Volvo and IKEA, who talks about how to energise organisations, and CK Prahalad who may well be the most influential thinker on business strategy and whose latest focus is on serving the needs of the poor, profitably.
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