Home alone with MBA online

I have just read Damon Birchfield’s column in the May 2002 issue of Management magazine [On The Web: The MBA Online]. Having done an executive MBA through Massey University finishing in 2000, I felt some comments may be of interest. With the Massey MBA the lecturers came to Christchurch once month for weekend (this has changed since to block course format). One of the aims of the MBA was to enable people from different backgrounds to work together in teams and it is the cooperation and team aspect that is the most important ingredient. While you learn the theories, it is the bonding and sharing of collective ideas, and working together on joint assignments and presentations that is the major plus in the MBA system.
I am currently doing Master of Management extramurally through Massey and am finding it extremely hard working on my own, while the comradeship and ideas sharing and the total group particpation is only achieved if you go to vacation course, even though we do have class email link. The working together enhances leadership and managment skills, and working with new and diverse people teaches communication skills and sharing. I found the MBA rewarding and enriching experience as well as great learning curve and would thoroughly recommend it. I did look at doing the Southern Cross MBA but decided against it as there was very little group particpation or contact with tutors. My impressions were that it would be very hard and lonely path and many would fall by the wayside. Out of our class C9, five out of 26 did not complete the course.
Linda O’Dea, Christchurch

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