UPfront: A Cartoon Hsitory of Management

Ever since the first 1964 US Surgeon-General’s report showed clear connection between cigarette smoking and cancer there has been an elaborate smokescreen campaign of denial, spurious research and sophisticated ploys by tobacco companies internationally to keep sales healthy. Despite long-time advertising bans in New Zealand, smoking-related cancer deaths remain major health problem and the early addiction of teens and pre-teens particular concern. ‘Product placements’ in movies and TV series, with more and more stars and role models ‘lighting up’, has helped tobacco companies circumvent bans to reach the young and impressionable. Landmark court cases have awarded massive damages to victims of smoking-related diseases, but with lengthy appeal processes payments might never be made. In the meantime, tobacco companies are busily diversifying and swamping third world countries with more lethal cigarettes.

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Business benefits of privacy

Privacy Week (13-17 May) is a great time to consider the importance of privacy and to help ensure you and your company have good privacy practices in place, writes Privacy

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