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Competition for skilled employees will become more intense over the next six years according to US business futurist Roger Herman. Finding and keeping talent will prove the importance of training, mentoring or other personal growth initiatives.
Herman quotes some recent studies to back his predictions and to provide some perspective on the importance of keeping employees happy through personal development programmes.
A survey by TrueCareers, Reston, Virginia, found that 61 percent of 500 workers surveyed said that continuing their education would help make them more attractive in the employment market. Workers are concerned about their individual marketability.
Another study reported in Human Resource Executive magazine, conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, says 37 percent of 428 human resource professionals surveyed said they had increased training to prepare for the skilled worker shortages forecast for 2010.
The magazine also reported study by Towers Perrin, New York that looked at levels of engagement, their willingness and ability to contribute to their employer’s success. Nineteen percent of the 40,000 employees surveyed said they were “disengaged”. In other words almost one-fifth of the workforce was not connected psychologically to their employers.
According to Herman, skill building will be vital to the success of tomorrow’s corporate workforce, but building stronger interpersonal relationships between workers, management, and corporate leadership will become more integral part of corporate training and development.
Companies will employ more professional trainers and coaches to integrate learning with personal engagement to the job and the employer. Trainer/coaches will follow up with learners and their superiors to be sure that the follow-through is achieved to link the training with the job and the employee’s career.
Supervisors of trainees, at all levels, will be evaluated on their effectiveness in using training and development to improve performance and employee retention.

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