UPFRONT Packs of choice

With almost double the number of entries, this month’s choice of winners in the Packaging Council of New Zealand’s (PCNZ) biennial awards involved some tough decisions.

As several of the 49 entries were eligible for more than one category, the judges needed to determine the placement of 74 items.

The awards’ objective is to recognise excellence in environmentally acceptable packaging. This year, categories were increased to 10 with inclusion of the “most successful educational/promotional programme encouraging materials recovery” (sponsored by ACI Glass) and “best practice by council in recovery of steel cans” (sponsored by the Steel Can Association.

Most popular proved to be Vertex Pacific’s “recovered packaging materials” which attracted 11 entries. This was followed closely by the ARC’s Environment Impact category.

There was also plenty of interest from tertiary students in Amcor Australasia’s “conceptual design” category.

Entry numbers were impressive, says PCNZ, and demonstrate industry commitment to waste reduction efforts.

Judging was held last month and winners will be announced at the awards evening on August 29.

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