UPfront: Shop Global: Travel Local

It seems we are not as nationalistic as our trans-Tazzie cuzzies when it comes to buying local product and “Kiwi-made” is even less of come-on for younger shoppers than it is for the over-50s.

Recent research by Roy Morgan International found that while 74 percent of Australians try to buy domestically made products as often as possible, just 58 percent of New Zealanders show similar enthusiasm. Brits are even less loyal, with just 45 percent of survey respondents expressing enthusiasm for things local – though the survey concedes this may be affected by the country’s open-trade policies in the EU.

An overall trend for older folk to show more national pride is particularly evident here with big gap between over-50s shoppers, 73 percent of whom favour locally-made compared to just 22 percent of 14-17-year-olds.

Both young and old turn out to be more enthusiastic about holidays in the homeland. Australians and New Zealanders are in greater accord here with respective 82 percent and 80 percent of respondents agreeing they like to travel within their own country’s borders.

Kiwi women (81 percent) are just tad keener on local travel than their male counterparts (80 percent) and younger folk are even more enthusiastic (86 percent for the 18-24-year-old group) – though they may well avoid shopping en route.

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