UPfront We’re not a happy lot

Bad news for New Zealand managers emerged from recent survey run through employment website Seek. It seems more than half the 809 respondents don’t like their bosses.
Asked if they hated anything about their current job, 54 percent picked the quality of their management. They are even more disgruntled about management than salary, working hours, work environment or career prospects.
The most peeved work in the financial/banking/insurance sector or manufacturing and construction. Dissatisfaction is gender blind but the most disgruntled are in the 25-39 age group.
Nearly half said they were either ‘unhappy’ or ‘very unhappy’ in their current job. More than half were actively looking for new job. And 96 percent said they’d consider switching jobs if the right opportunity emerged. Only quarter were ‘happy in their work’.
Seek general manager, Jude Manuel, thinks the findings should ring warning bells in the offices of line managers and HR directors up and down the country. “We’re looking at potent mix of disgruntled employees who’d rather be somewhere else and feel stuck in their current job. That’s bad news for morale and productivity.”

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