Web Facts: 1
Internet-related businesses will create 10 million new jobs in the US and Western Europe by 2002 according to report by Andersen Consulting. The survey of 150 chief executives and industry experts, found that by 2002 the Internet will have created 5.8 million US jobs and three million jobs in the six European countries. These are being created by Internet companies, search directories, software consultants, website designers, internet service providers and telecommunications companies offering web access.

Web Facts: 2
More than 295 million people around the world have access to the Internet from home, according to ACNielsen.
Its survey, calculated using data from April to June 2000 shows that nearly 137 million Americans – by far the largest group of home computer users, regularly access the Internet from home. There are 26.3 million in Japan, 19.4 million in Britain, 14.8 million in Germany, 13.1 million in Canada, 11.l million in Italy, 7.6 million in Australia, and New Zealand has 1.3 million people who access the Internet from home. New Zealand figures in the report because of the high number of multiple access points people have in their homes. Nearly quarter of our households online have two or more devices with access to the Internet.

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