Who are the best employers?

Microsoft Australia was named the Best of the Best for 2012.

Aon Hewitt says it is possible to demonstrate links between employee engagement, discretionary effort and productivity. Its named Best Employers deliver on average 9 percent more profit per employee and double the revenue growth of other organisations. 

Despite this, it says only 31 percent of Australian and New Zealand organisations are improving employee engagement levels.

The 2012 study identified five distinguishable characteristics of best employer:

• An unwavering commitment from senior leaders to the importance of developing highly engaged and productive employees.

• Clear performance expectations that align people to the organisation’s goals and values, and bring meaning to their work.

• People managers who create the conditions for their people to excel.

• Reward and recognition practices that encourage employees to contribute discretionary effort.

• Clear communication on what employees can expect which in turn helps the organisation to be more competitive in attracting and retaining in tight labour market.

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