Why Be A Judge?

Stephen Tindall
“I truly believe by recognising World Class New Zealanders with these awards they feel great sense of engagement with New Zealand. Many of them have already proved they are very willing to help New Zealand and New Zealanders in all sorts of ways and this is further recognition of that.”

John Stace
“As proud New Zealander I have been disappointed that all too often we fail to recognise or celebrate the significant and often global importance that New Zealanders around the world are achieving in their chosen fields of endeavour. These awards give us an opportunity to identify and recognise what are often phenomenal ‘world class’ discoveries and creations in the fields of science, commerce and the arts. We need to richly reward those who have and are making significant contribution to New Zealand’s global competitiveness and therefore our economic wellbeing. We must salute courageous Kiwi ingenuity.”

Peter Gluckman
“In general New Zealanders punch well above their weight on the world stage – across almost every field of endeavour. Sadly these people are often least recognised and celebrated in their own country and many can only get the support they need to pursue their careers offshore.
“I was honoured to be named amongst the World Class NZ Awards for 2006 and encouraged to see the work that I lead in New Zealand recognised for its international contributions.
“These awards are means of celebrating not only the achievements of outstanding New Zealanders but engendering sense of national pride and awareness of the significant contributions New Zealanders make to the world. I am delighted to assist in developing and perpetuating the initiatives of Kea and NZTE by judging these awards.”

Craig Norgate
“I don’t believe New Zealanders celebrate success at all well other than on the sporting field. We have number of people achieving outstanding things and we should be proud of them.”

Peri Drysdale
“It is good for the country to know what New Zealanders are achieving around the world – it makes it inspiring to be New Zealander. There are so many quite astonishing things being achieved that we might never otherwise hear about.”

Geoff Ross
“New Zealand should support and celebrate other New Zealanders who are doing bloody good job in pulling this country into the first division.
“It’s great that these people and their stories are celebrated, so we can learn from them, get inspiration from them and give them pat on the back.
“We need this type of stuff in our business culture; in fact, in our culture overall.”

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