Directors cannot afford to be half right!

They can, however, afford to be twice as wise!

All the wisdom required to be a professional director can be found in: The Complete Guide to Good Governance in Organisation and Companies available for $85 (incl GST).  (Postage within New Zealand $5.00).

It's like having a mentor on the desk for chairs, directors, top management, trustees and council members.

The Complete Guide to Good Governance has been reprinted four times and revised twice since it was first published in 2004. It is a comprehensive and practical "how to" guide for any organisation governed by a board of directors, board of trustees, council, committee or similar governance structure.  

It addresses all current governance issues including organisational values, beliefs, culture and style; balancing stakeholder interests; franchising; management buyouts; mergers and acquisitions; takeovers; the co-operative model; directors and managers owning shares; codes of practice.  

Only a few copies of the latest revised edition remain available and the book will not be reprinted. 

Written by Doug Matheson who is one of New Zealand's most experienced and respected chairmen and directors, the Complete Guide to Good Governance in Organisations and Companies is, according to Hugh Rennie QC, "a practical, clearly expressed and thorough discussion of governance principles. It reflects best practice in the real world and has a special value as a reference and guide because of this."

Buy the book here:

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