Think on Your Feet IMNZ Programme Preview

Do you want to learn how to structure your ideas, get to the point and be remembered? Join us for a taste of the Think On Your Feet® programme with Master Trainer, Phil Day for FREE.


Think On Your Feet – ‘taster’ session

This event offers participants an opportunity for a ‘taste’ of Think on Your Feet®. 

Knowledge professionals work constantly with ideas: ideas about products and services, ideas about customers, ideas about new ways of doing business.

Today, it’s not sufficient just to have ideas.  They must be explained, defended and sold.  This is true whether ‘on your feet’, across a desk, at a keyboard or in a video-conference.

Given that today’s listener/reader suffers from ‘information overload’ it’s clear why Clarity, Brevity and Impact ® are a source of competitive advantage.

The Think On Your Feet® approach is now regarded as the core communications competence – the platform on which to build speaking, presenting, writing and negotiation skills.

Getting your ideas across clearly, concisely, persuasively (and being remembered) is a core skill.  Everyone wants you to get to the point.  Quickly.

Think On Your Feet® introduces the “capsules of persuasion” concept – 10 plans that structure your ideas quickly for Clarity (Being Understood), Brevity (Getting to the Point), and Impact (Being Persuasive).

In this ‘taster’ session, Phil Day will answer 3 questions.

What is Think On Your Feet®?

Why it is important?

How do you do it?


So come along and learn about how to:

Structure your ideas

Get to the point and Be remembered


About Phil Day:

  • His company offers Think on Your Feet® in 20 countries
  • Over 100,000 professionals have attended to date
  • Has extensive experience in the corporate sector and over 20 years in his own consulting business.
  • Is a Master Trainer of the Think On Your Feet® program.



When:     5:00 (for a 5:30pm start) – 7pm on Wednesday 4th October 

Where:    IMNZ, Level 4, DLA Piper Tower. 205 Queen Street

Price:       FREE 

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