Rolling into 2020

It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of the year. 

Call it an age-related problem, but the years really do seem to fly by faster and faster and within a month or so we will be in the 2020s. 

2020 seemed a long way away in the year 2000 when the world was preparing to panic about the Y2K problem or the millennium bug (which, if I recall correctly, didn’t really happen).

And while there have been massive changes across all facets of our lives since the year 2000 (fancy just three television channels, anyone?) some things never really change. And chief amongst that is what makes good leadership. 

As our story on how to get rid of a toxic culture (page 4) points out, the dichotomy for leaders is that you don’t own the culture in the organisation yet, through your actions (or inactions), you have the power to destroy a healthy organisational culture. 

Leadership is also to the fore in our lead story on page 7 and the fantastic culture its CEO, Sudesh Jhunjhnuwala, has embedded in his organisation where he leads by totally trusting and empowering his staff who are as committed to sustainability, and to accessibility for all, as he is.

We also have a thoughtful piece on modern workplace design (page 12) and how today’s businesses are redefining the definition of their place of work, breaking down barriers to performance and ensuring they attract, and then retain, talented employees.

So, roll on 2020. It will be exciting to see what the year will bring and how New Zealand’s business leaders step up to the myriad of challenges and rewards every new year offers.

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