Management May 2016

Corporate fraud: It could happen to you

Trusted employees stealing from their employer is not a new phenomenon. It is a growing one. Interestingly, most corporate fraud is detected randomly; by carelessness, or a tip-off. So what does an organisation do? Systems, audits, and careful employment processes are certainly essential. However most important, according to those close to the ‘fraud-face’, are good company ethics.  

The five biggest teamwork ills

Social loafing is an issue that plagues any group of individuals working together, but it isn’t the only one. Here is a prescription to help.

Superdiversity: We have crossed the Rubicon
The face of New Zealand is changing, quite literally. Never before has New Zealand had such a large number of people living here who were not born here. And that offers real opportunities and challenges for every business and every
business leader.

A frustrating experience trying to resolve a banking issue has seen Fiona Hewitt speak to eight different people and make more than 20 phone calls. And still no resolution.
She says we may be providing the technology to serve our customers better but are we actually “serving them”?

Managing for a better world
Shedding light on early morning doubt.

How can you reduce the gender pay gap.

Practice makes perfect. 

The sharing economy.

Social Media
What the rise of the podcast and social audio mean for business.

IMNZ: Focus on Management 

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Business benefits of privacy

Privacy Week (13-17 May) is a great time to consider the importance of privacy and to help ensure you and your company have good privacy practices in place, writes Privacy

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