March 11, 2012

Managers Abroad: Sharon Fraser

General manager of the Intercontinental Chongqing, Sharon Fraser had already worked in Malaysia and Vietnam before moving to China. After five years in Shanghai she moved to Chongqing which, home to 32 million people, is the largest metropolis in the world.

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Thought Leader: Collaborate + compete

Competition has been an important contributor to the rapid economic growth achieved during the past 200 years. The most effective businesses are rewarded with profitable growth while the least effective

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NZIM: Simply productive … but needs managing

The New Zealand Institute of Management is dedicated to lifting management competency. The nation needs good managers to boost productivity. And productivity determines the state of our economic and individual wellbeing. Reg Birchfield asks if it can be that simple.

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Leadership: Memorable leadership?

We might, or maybe not, soon witness some inspired, intelligent and thoughtful leadership. The time is right and the need for it is unquestionably great. The question, however, is whether

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Execs on the move

Thomas Pippos Deloitte New Zealand has appointed Thomas Pippos to succeed Murray Jack as chief executive. Jack now assumes the role of chairman. Prior to his appointment, Pippos was the

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Energy Efficiency: Switching on the green light

Many Kiwi businesses are lagging behind global uptake of sustainable practices. Hayley Barnett asks local energy efficiency experts why more of our companies aren’t tapping into environmental opportunities and what some businesses are doing to go green.

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