This month we’re pleased to announce winners of the first ASB Women
Business Leaders Awards.
Through these awards we hope to promote excellence by women in business as well as providing role models and inspiration to other women.
While there were number of great managers out there, Gillian Cossey won the Woman Manager of the Year title for her ability to demonstrate she recognised she was in fast growth business run by medical entrepreneur who needed management help. She developed systems that would keep the business balanced, while also moving it forward. All the while, recognising that the customers were also patients.
It was for being change agent, or an organisational transformer that Cossey also won the Drake Innovation Award.
The WISE Self Employed woman of the year, is Kate Frykberg from Wellington who started up TheWeb Ltd. The judges felt she represents the new economy and is an example that women can succeed in this area without facing traditional barriers.
Frykberg also won the ASB Supreme Award because she went closest to achieving all the objectives she set for her business, and her well rounded balance between work and home life.
The judges were Joan Baker, NZIM; Michael Barnett, Chamber of Commerce; Diane Utatao, Drake; Nick Grant, NZ Business magazine and myself.
Congratulations to the final winners – both Gillian and Kate, and to all the regional finalists who clearly presented their stories of good business management. We hope this builds platform for all women managers to aspire to each year.

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