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Written as part of an “experiential self-intelligence programme designed to foster self management and leadership within an organisation”, Jolt Challenge could really be described as manual for how best to do life.
It certainly doesn’t leave much of life’s matter un-turned as it navigates the growth cycle from challenge (unconscious incompetence), through chaos (conscious incompetence) and competency (conscious competence), to play (unconscious competence), touching on everything from brain structure to diet, and quoting such diverse sources as Elvis Presley, Eleanor Roosevelt and Leonardo da Vinci en route.
Authored by Mind Warriors founders Wade Jackson and Steve Hill, the “challenge” is divided into nine main segments that start with “strengthening your foundations” before moving through mind and body issues, exploring strategic thought and emotional behaviour before looking at how to “unleash your creative mindset” and map the future.
It’s progression that undoubtedly makes sense for those doing the programme, but the book can also be treated like smorgasbord to be dipped into at will – and there’s no shortage of tasty info-morsels to sample. Who knew that in the last three decades of the 20th century there were 46,000 psychological papers published on depression, but just 400 on joy? Sad!
Such random facts are scattered throughout the book courtesy of “Cliff” – the “stereotypical know-it-all” or pro trader of conversational trivia. His input is all part of layout that is pitched toward the growing number of people whose attention spans are not entirely attuned to text-heavy pages. Trivia, quotes, movie references and stories are inserted throughout (with appropriate colour coding) to both break up and amplify the text, as well as piquing interest.
It’s all clearly presented, accessible and relevant to anyone interested in the process of continuous self improvement. But it’s also worth noting that one of the seven philosophies underpinning both programme and book is “experiential learning”. That’s how you get to turn information into knowledge. In other words, Jolt is not just book to read but to inspire action. ’Nuff said – I’m off to do spot of tactical mapping.

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