Cancer Tops Health Scare

Health issues
The survey, commissioned by Sanitarium and conducted by ACNielsen, shows 46 percent of New Zealand men believe cancer is one of the main health issues they face, with 32 percent mentioning prostate cancer specifically. Heart disease is mentioned by 32 percent of men while just over 10 percent of men say stress is an area of concern.
Certain occupations were more likely to mention stress as an issue. Mentions of stress also increase as personal income increases.
? 21 percent of professional males noted stress as key health issue versus 12 percent of all males
? 18 percent of males in administration/clerical positions felt stress was an issue versus 12 percent of all males
? While conversely, only four percent of non-workers mentioned stress versus 12 percent of all males
Women have very similar perception of men’s health issues, with 53 percent mentioning cancer and 41 percent saying heart disease.

Ways to keep healthy
Just over three-quarters of the men (79 percent) identified exercise or sport as solution and 64 percent talked about having healthy diet. Other factors which were identified by more than 10 percent of men included “stopping smoking and drinking”, “reducing stress levels” and having regular health “check-ups”.
Sanitarium’s nutrition education service manager Kim Stirling says that almost all Kiwi men are aware that there are steps they can take towards healthy life, and they are able to name at least one of these steps.
Women also know what is good for the men in their lives. Seventy-three percent of women mention regular exercise and 66 percent healthy diet as the top two ways men can keep healthy, followed by less or no smoking and less or no drinking.

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