Imagine carrying your presentation
around on CD the size of your calling card. As method of keeping in touch with existing and prospective customers, the tiny CD is breeze.
“It’s so portable that you can carry it in your business card holder,” says Dave Newport of Element, which produces these CD cards. “The key to these cards is that they’re new way of breaking the ice for prospective clients – you can get information out about yourself in very compact way – saying who you are, what you do.
“Or for existing clients, you can list new product releases.” Other uses include putting an organisation’s procedures on the CD, so staff members can access it when they need to. “It’s another way of cutting out the paper cycle. Each CD can store up to 50 megabytes of information; the average website is around 12 megabytes, and the CD is faster than the website,” says Newport.
The CDs are built from software programme called ‘director’ which integrates any video, audio, basic jpeg-type images, as well as existing or specially written text, from an organisation. “When we’re building one of these CD cards, we take all these pieces of media and link them into presentation that’s totally interactive.”

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