CONTENTS : October 2007 • Vol 54 No 9

COVER STORY Lifting – NZ performance
Why the focus falls on management If New Zealand businesses are to become more innovative and more profitable; if the country is to claw its way up OECD productivity rankings; if we’re going to even gain toehold in the global tussle for talent, Kiwi managers have to lift their game. How? That’s the question being tackled by an unprecedented partnership of private and public sector organisations. It is called Management Focus and it starts this month. Vicki Jayne reports.

Environment Carbon Zero — case study
As architects with strong focus on environmental sustainability, Warren and Mahoney are embracing green principles in their own practice – by going carbon neutral. Why did it prove easier than expected? Vicki Jayne reports.

Communication Corporate Blogging — Online and opinionated
Why corporate heavyweights are tuning in to blogging. Where’s the gravitas in public rant? Why would CEO want to share their every thought on wider corporate issues? Forget gravitas and feel the emotion. Blogs are compelling business tool. More importantly, the interactive nature of the blog sets up multi-path conversation between top corporate brass and real live customers. by Ruth Le Pla

Face to Face David Teece: Watching from afar
Ex-pat Kiwi David Teece lives and works in the United States and has global reputation. But he still has strong links with New Zealand and very strong ideas on our management practices and standards. He believes we need to lift our sights and our game. He spoke to Tim Watkin.54

Sustainability Fulfilling green premises
Built to last. Corporate New Zealand is increasingly demanding sustainability in its building projects and the Government now requires all new public sector property to meet green standards. What are the benefits? And what does the future hold in terms of regulation? by Ellen Read

Case Study Remote Control — Managing Across Miles
There are particular management challenges when you are based in Auckland and good proportion of your staff and business are in the United States. Zeacom’s chief executive Miles Valentine tells Ellen Read how he makes this model work.

Branding Brand Power — Why it Matters
Many businesses don’t understand just how powerful business brand can be – or exactly what it is. How does branding work and what are the secrets to long-term brand success? by Vikki Bland

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