Don Braid

What will the business environment be like over the next 12 months?
The tough economic conditions around the world which have dominated the news look likely to continue, particularly in Europe and the United States.
Closer to home, Asia and Australia retain measure of resilience. In New Zealand we will be influenced by these outside currents but will chart our own course with the rebuild of Christchurch getting underway, strong leadership and policies from our Government, and with more of our companies expanding their horizons around the world, spearheaded by New Zealand’s exporters of quality foodstuffs.

What should NZ business people be focusing on?
We wouldn’t presume to tell others what to do but here at Mainfreight we will keep doing what we always do – relying on our team of fantastic people to strive for quality, maintain tight control of our costs, be alert to every sales opportunity that allows us to improve our business, and deliver on our intention to establish Mainfreight in all the major trading nations of the world.
We would encourage more New Zealand companies to develop their businesses further by establishing themselves offshore. The opportunities abound.

What advice would you give to NZ business people?
Again, we can’t speak for others or tell them how to run their businesses. Here at Mainfreight we have strong culture that values each member of our team, rewards hard work, has an ego for the company not the individual, and supports our wider community.
Focusing on the basics of great service, ethical business decisions, and working hard – and with momentum – continues to bring us success.

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