EDITOR’S LETTER : Just One Basket

You wouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket would you? Or at least, if you did then you would be well aware, and no doubt often reminded, of the risk you were taking.
Why then are we happy to take this approach when it comes to the make-up of the country’s boards of directors?
It is important to note at this early stage that I am talking about the risks involved in ignoring diversity and options for your egg delivery, not the eggs themselves, bear with me on this.
It can be so much easier to stick to tried and trusted habits but how do things grow, evolve and progress under this model? Being challenged (which is likely result of increased diversity) can be uncomfortable and difficult but isn’t it true that more robust outcome usually emerges?
In this issue we take look at the composition of New Zealand boards and find worrying lack of diversity. Worrying because as the economy slows and the challenges facing companies and organisations increase, surely we need all the help and ideas we can get. Think about it, if you’re in pickle then several minds offering variety of options are better than one.
Lack of diversity among our boards is not new topic and unfortunately it isn’t one that’s likely to disappear any time soon if our story is anything to go by. Don’t anyone tell me that they’re bored of reading about this again, trust me, we’re just as bored by having to write about it again. But until something changes then it’s an issue nobody can afford to ignore.
It’s not that there is anything wrong with the current personnel… but just think of the opportunities we’re missing out on. Can we afford to?

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