Ethically speaking

How do you measure up in the ethics stakes? Now’s the time to start thinking about entering the Brookfields Business Ethics Award in this year’s Deloitte/Management Magazine Top 200 Awards. Entries should be in by August 31st, 2000.
If you can demonstrate ethical management initiatives, we’d like to hear from you. Winners will be announced at the awards event later in the year.
Last year’s winner was 3M New Zealand, with runners up Datamail and Auckland International Airport.
3M was one of the first manufacturers in NZ to improve safety and environmental standards. Among its initiatives are the $l.3 million solvent recovery system at its Glenfield plant. This was designed to reduce plant air emissions by recovering 90 percent of the solvents used to make its self adhesive tapes, and then reusing these recovered solvents in the tape coating and manufacturing process. It has water conservation awareness policy, and its head office has achieved 50 percent reduction in power costs. Its latest waste reduction scheme is its pallet programme, which recycled 80 tonnes of wood in the last l8 months.
Datamail employees participate in community projects, and Auckland International Airport was recognised for its communications initiatives when carrying out its runway upgrade.

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