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The fortnightly newsletter for thought leaders 3rd August 2012

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Digital takes off as our entertainment and media groups get to grips with giving digital consumers what they want. Importantly for businesses, they’re also starting to work out how to monetise their efforts. Read more »

Digital takes off

New Zealand’s entertainment and media organisations are wising up to what today’s digital consumers want. The second edition of PwC New Zealand’s entertainment and media outlook publication, which spans the next four years, says the local market is beginning to embrace the new ways in which Kiwis wish to consume entertainment and media content.  Read more »

Not good sports

A desire to understand why female students were not faring as well in the job market as their male counterparts has sparked research exposing the continuing existence of the old boys club in sports management. 

The report, “Preparing female sport management students for leadership roles in sport” found that while female athletes make up nearly half of New Zealand’s team for the London Olympics, the same is not true when it comes to coaches and senior roles in sports management. Read more »

Staff levels steady

Employee levels remain largely unchanged despite feedback that seven out of 10 employers are feeling optimistic about the economy. Most, it seems, are holding out for better economic signals, according to the latest Hudson Report: Employment Trends.

The report says three out of 10 employers plan to increase permanent headcount during the forthcoming quarter. This is consistent with the previous quarter. Read more »

Shoppers shift online

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