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The fortnightly newsletter for thought leaders 18th February 2011

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Why high food prices aren’t necessarily good for the economy; business leader Kerry McDonald wants to spark revolution in New Zealand’s overly cosy corporate governance culture; what Gen Y workers think of their Baby Boomers managers (and vice versa) ; and the Government appears to have got itself in mess over South Canterbury Finance.
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High food prices bad for the economy?

The World Bank says food prices are at “dangerous levels”, after its latest Food Price Watch showed prices rose by 15% in the four months to January. The index is now 29% above its level year earlier. The bank estimates 44 million more people have been pushed into poverty since last June. While soaring prices, particularly for dairy products, are good news for our exporters there are wider economic implications to consider, as Executive Update’s economic commentator Bob Edlin outlines.
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More rigour and vigour required in the boardroom

New Zealand company directors need to have much more rigorous and focused approach to performance if they are to add value, live up to their potential, restore investor confidence and lift New Zealand’s productivity, says one of the country’s most vocal business leaders Kerry McDonald. “In short, we need to spark revolution in New Zealand’s corporate governance culture – maybe not among all organisations, but certainly in those that are not really cutting the mustard.”
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Closing the workforce generation gap

More than 800,000 Generation Y New Zealanders (18 to 30 year olds) are either in the workforce or about to join it. They bring with them new attitudes and beliefs about work that will change the face of New Zealand. What do they think of their parents’ generation of managers (the Baby Boomers)?
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South Canterbury Finance fiasco

Usually reliable sources suggest the Government is trying to keep the South Canterbury Finance investigation tightly under wraps. The media, or those competent to chase the story, are having trouble getting access to interesting information, even through Official Information channels.
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